Manjeet: The rise of an all-rounder

Patna Pirates’ fans will willingly proclaim, that the growth curve of Manjeet’s ability has been nothing short of spectacular this season. Manjeet functions as a raider for the team, an integral part of the masterful trio formed with fellow raiders Pardeep Narwal and Deepak Narwal.

Being on the younger side, he may not have played as many games as his esteemed teammates, but he makes up for his lack of experience with a unique combination of sincerity, dedication and self-critique.

In a team that is already very well-balanced, attributed to the efficient utilization of different skill-sets that curate a winning dynamic, Manjeet simply adds more value to the equation. He is an invaluable asset to the Pirates, and is much appreciated by teammate and captain, Pardeep Narwal. Here are the reasons why Manjeet is a player to watch out for –

Nailing those raids

Manjeet was drafted into the Patna Pirates squad as a raider, to add a dimension of unpredictability to the existing raiding approach. Although he began this season a bit precariously, his eventual contribution to the team cannot be overlooked; as his rigorous demeanor towards improving his performances has proved.

In Patna’s memorable matches against Dabang Delhi and the Bengaluru Bulls, Manjeet cemented his status as one of Patna’s best players. Though not as muscular as some of his teammates, he is a tall and powerful player, who uses his body structure to the best of his abilities. Toe touch and running hand touch are moves that he often employs in his raids, extending his limbs to get points.

Tackling the opposition

With expert defenders like Jaideep, Vikas Kale and Jawahar on the team, Pirates already have a strong defense, but it never hurts to have more. Manjeet is an ace up the Pirates’ sleeve. His regular assists in defense have thrown the opposition off guard on several occasions as they usually focus on the core defenders and do not prepare for an onslaught by Manjeet, who has perfected the ankle hold with his strength and technique. Waiting for the right moment to pounce, he is an agile player who suddenly overpowers the raider. Of the many matches that the Pirates have won, his contribution in the matches against Panthers, Thalaivas, Puneri Paltan, Warriors and others in terms of defense has been instrumental.

Teamwork for the win

The young Kabbadi star has a remarkable 73.48 per cent not-out average in the games so far. He is known to perform well even under pressure when Pardeep Narwal and other raiders are unavailable or simply not at their best. Similarly, he is very good at assisting with the tackles, whether it is with Jaideep, Eom or any of the other defenders. His moves may sometimes seem risky, but none are reckless. This is the reason why he is often called upon for the do-or-die raids. His daring and drive for success usually provide the impetus for victory. A classy all-rounder, he adds a layer of depth to the squad with his ability to deliver for the team at crucial moments.


With a promising career ahead, this young Pirate is one of the most cherished athletes of this season.