The Pirates Forge History Against the Punari Paltans

Despite falling short of the high expectations set for them, The Patna Pirates have had a good season, with a few noteworthy, stand-out performances. Possibly the match that deserves to be written about the most is Patna Pirates vs Puneri Paltans. Patna functioned at a level previously unimaginable, their ferocity and tenacious approach culminating in their highest scoring match of the season. Although this ended up being their last victory of 2018, they won the hearts of spectators nation-wide, with an enthralling display of superior tactics, will and stamina.


Prior to this match was the unfortunate defeat against a worthy opponent, the Gujarat Fortune Giants. The Pirates had been out-classed by a formidable team, and the massive gulf in the level of performance between the Paltans and the Pirates can be attributed to this defeat, which spurred them on and brought out their best form till date. While the match was still in its infancy, Pardeep Narwal seized control with an excellent Toofani Super Raid, and Kabaddi enthusiasts could already sense the onslaught approaching when the Pirates went three points ahead in the first three minutes itself. Pardeep’s stellar form proved too difficult for Paltan’s star Sandeep Narwal to handle.  Incidentally, Pardeep managed to take his overall tally to 800 points in this match, a testament to his legacy as one of the Pro Kabaddi League’s finest ever!


Narwal eventually ended up with an impressive total of 27 points, including two Super10’s, leagues ahead of the next contributor on either team. Assisted by an organized defensive plan, which led to 12 tackle points, 6 all out points and 2 extra points amassed, Patna’s captain led his team to an undeniable and completely predictable victory.

From the defenders, Vikas Kale exceeded expectations, and together with Jaideep and a few others, managed to gain several all-important tackle points. Manjeet, who has proven to be a capable all-rounded player this season, also contributed to the defence, pitching in at crucial junctures of the match, executing tackles at do-or-die raids and displaying his excellent double ankle hold technique, in the process ensuring a Patna victory.


Despite facing an opponent in unbeatable form, with a thunderous approach to their tactics, the Puneri Paltans deserve some credit for their steady attempts aimed at bridging an almost un-surmountable gap on the scoreboard. For a large part of the game, they consistently attempted to fight back, to no avail however, with the expertise of Pardeep and company being a thorn in their side.


Contrary to the ferocious nature of their win, Patna played a steady and level headed game interspersed with great strategic plays and daring moves, to come out on top. Having scored a massive total of 53 points in this match, their highest tally achieved in this season’s Pro Kabaddi League, we are sure the Pirates will continue to win games and fans for many years to come, with their special, thrilling and adventurous brand of Kabaddi!