Top Tackles of each Season

The tackle: the fundamental element of Kabaddi which provides stability on the score-board and enables focus on winning titles. A well-executed tackle is not only a testament to a player’s prowess and competitive spirit but also an exciting sight for the audience. The Pirates have left no stones unturned when it comes to displaying their superiority in defensive technique and tactics. While we await their return to the mat, let’s re-experience a few outstanding moments of tackling through the years.

Season 1 – Sajjad proves himself to be an asset

In the second half of Patna Pirates vs Dabang Delhi, Waseem Sajjad proved his mettle with an intense show of strength to further his claim on being one of the best defenders in the league at that point. Delhi, with a six point deficit were aiming to score points on a raid, when Sajjad took on Kashiling Adake, single-handedly flipping him over with what was a mind-boggling technique and ending the attack in the process. It was definitely one of our all-time favourite tackles, and possibly one of the best defensive displays in the PKL.

Season 2 – Sandeep Narwal’s astonishing super tackle

A true battle of captains occurred when U Mumba’s Anup Kumar came face-to-face with the Pirates’ Sandeep Narwal. The fact that it was a do-or-die raid at a crucial moment of the game only served to enhance its appeal, and the profound intensity was magnified with the fantastic outcome. Narwal produced a full-body tackle, displaying sheer courage and guile to redirect the momentum of the on-coming Kumar and change his direction, foiling the effect of the raid in the process. It was a powerful and beautifully executed move which raised a rousing cheer from the stands, and personified the class of the Patna Pirates’ playing style.

Season 3 – A flawless tackle towards victory

The next defensive talking point features the same protagonist and antagonist. Against U Mumba, once again, Narwal repeated history with a display of perfection: he seized Kumar and tackled him, flipping him over in the process. Narwal had the assistance of a team-mate, which helped transition the sequence of the tackle better, and shift the momentum towards a Pirates victory.

Season 4 – Patna’s surprise super tackle against Pune

Early in the second half of the match against Puneri Paltans, Captain Pardeep Narwal took everyone by surprise by delivering a stellar super tackle. Despite being a great raider, and having capable defenders on the team (Fazel Atrachali), Narwal felt the need of the hour was better defensive co-ordination and produced a perfect ankle hold to deny Nitin Tomar raid points. The astonishment of the gratified crowd was palpable at having witnessed a one-off event!

Season 5 – Jaideep shows his worth

The expensive buy, Jaideep, proved the worth of his price-tag against the Puneri Paltans in Season 5. The talented defender grabbed the famed Rajesh Mondal’s right ankle as soon as the opportunity presented itself, reducing the magnitude of the raid in the process. He won super tackle points for his team at a very crucial period in the game, and has since grown and risen to become one of the best defenders in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Season 6 – Kale shines against Rahul Chaudhari

There’s nothing scarier in the sport of Kabaddi than a raid-streak. In the match against the Telugu Titans, Pirates defender Vikas Kale understood the importance of breaking opposition captain Rahul Chaudhari’s streak, and decided to attempt a tackle. In what was a very daring move, Kale grabbed a hold of Chaudhari’s leg as he was still purveying a point-earning opportunity. Despite the onslaught of raw strength exhibited by the captain, Kale showed true character and grit to hold on, and even managed to drag him back to the Pirate half of the mat. An example of excellent defending, the move is worthy of remembrance and documentation.

Akin to other elements of the game, Tackles require a succinct combination of channelling power correctly and spontaneously. For more displays of entertaining agility and athleticism, watch the Patna Pirates partake in the Pro Kabaddi League next season!